Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Note of Thanks

Hi there stampers,
O.k. so I have a beagle...she is the cutest thing ever....but she is a hound...so that means she eats anything she can get her hands on. Gigi is a big ol' pig!!! She finds the kids socks and eats the toes out o them....she gets ahold of water bottles and chews them to shreds...she has even been known to get ahold of some of my stamping products and eat them. So I had to make an emergency visit to the vet a couple of weeks ago. Gigi got a bottle of my thyroid medicine and ate the whole months supply!!
I know, you are saying how the heck did she do that? Well, its always on my night stand and she has never bothered it before. The only thing I can think of is that the kids knocked it on the ground somehow and she just went to town on the bottle.
So this is a card I made to thank the vets office for their help pumping her stomach and feeding her IV fluids all day.
Now my husband says, "why are you sending them a thank you when we paid them a small fortune?"
True, yes...but the thank you is for the fact that my little mischievous beagle is home safe and sound (until the next emergency!)

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